Beauty, quality and originality: these are the features of an exclusive space designed to be unique and surprising. Sardinia has always been synonymous of luxury, the famous Costa Smeralda is invaded every year by tourists of all over the world whose expectations are high.

 The historic brand Basigheddu, since its origins, has furnished the most exclusive spaces in the hotels and hotels of Sardinia, offering its expertise in designing and supplying the finest pieces of furniture, selected among the best brands in the sector at the level Italian and international.

What does exclusivity mean? The most fashionable premises are extremely luxurious: everything needs to be cared for as little detail as possible. They turn to an elite clientele, who knows how to appreciate the essence of the beautiful.

In its designs for luxurious furnishings in Sardinia, Basigheddu offers classic and modern solutions. Basigheddu's sign is strong in any environment in which the team of experts from this historic Sardinian shop has worked. Basigheddu has seen the island's luxury sector grow and grow, adapting to changes in society and its needs. The real luxury of Basigheddu furnishings are the details of each design, high class finishes and exclusive solutions: Basigheddu designers are not afraid to exaggerate when it comes to luxury furnishings.

The latest trends in the industry see a clear predominance of the luxury-minimal style: few elements but of great value, clean lines and exaltation of spaces, but, as we all know, when it comes to exclusivity, one can hardly speak of fashion or trend. Those looking for exclusive and luxurious furnishings claim the originality of the project and this is why the Basigheddu furniture excels, because the trends, as well as following them, must also be able to impose them.


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