Outdoor furniture luxury sardegna

Decorating the exteriors is not as simple as it might seem. Is necessary to create a thread of connection with the interior spaces, to create complete harmony and synergy, as if there was a same narrative line that unites the environments.

The Basigheddu company has always given great importance to style details, to the complementary elements also is a garden, as well as a terrace, a balcony or any open space. In the showrooms of Nuoro, Olbia and Cagliari you can find many different solutions to create your own style, adapting it to the environment. Interaction is one of the main elements of a design, and Basigheddu designers and architects working on studying the best solutions for each context, doing a great job of research in this way.

Whether it is a home, a hotel, a shop, or a local, it is of utmost importance that everything that is beyond the door, and which is of relevance to the property, is treated with the same dignity of the internal. Post-modern, classic, seaside inspired, provencal, spanish or Victorian furnishings are found in the Basigheddu stores, where consultants are at full customer service to conduct briefings and frequent meetings to define the project. Exterior design is a serious thing: external features, moreover, represent almost a business card to highlight the sense of style and elegance of the landlord. The target is to create a cozy outdoor environment, as well as the inner one: this is our mission. In Sardinia, where we can enjoy beautiful landscapes, it's simply to elevate the ordinary to extraordinary.



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