The big challenges are our daily bread. We have always worked with important companies, we have been working in the decoration of large and small charming hotels and we met important people of the high society.

Our goal has always been to furnishing their projects with style and taste, meeting the wishes of our customers, even in the case of hard work such as the furnishing of hotels and villas.

Basigheddu is a well-established reality in Sardinian territory and in almost 100 years of activity we have seen the birth and evolution of tourism on the island, we witnessed the birth of large hotels on the coast and small charming hotels. We have often been involved in the born of interior & exterior design projects in Sardinia, providing furnishings and accessories for the most important names of the island tourism industry. The quality of our products is high, our suppliers are the largest Italian and european producers, we only offer the best of Made in Italy and not: our commitment to finding the best solutions is rewarded with important prizes, even at national level. We are proud that in many hotels of the island, attended every year by thousands of tourists, there is the signature of Basigheddu, as well as we are honored that great names of politics, culture and entertainment turn to us for the decor of their villas in Sardinia. Basigheddu offers architects and designers with proven experience to realize an ideal of elegance and style through furnishings. We are honored that our experience can help bring the name of Sardinia and Made in Italy in the most famous villas and hotels in the island.


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