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The Basigheddu company has always given great importance to style details, to the complementary elements also is a garden, as well as a terrace, a balcony or any open space. In the showrooms of Nuoro, Olbia and Cagliari you can find many different solutions to create your own style, adapting it to the environment. Interaction is one of the main elements of a design, and Basigheddu designers and architects working on studying the best solutions for each context, doing a great job of research in this way.

Whether it is a home, a hotel, a shop, or a local, it is of utmost importance that everything that is beyond the door, and which is of relevance to the property, is treated with the same dignity of the internal. Post-modern, classic, seaside inspired, provencal, spanish or Victorian furnishings are found in the Basigheddu stores, where consultants are at full customer service to conduct briefings and frequent meetings to define the project. Exterior design is a serious thing: external features, moreover, represent almost a business card to highlight the sense of style and elegance of the landlord. The target is to create a cozy outdoor environment, as well as the inner one: this is our mission. In Sardinia, where we can enjoy beautiful landscapes, it's simply to elevate the ordinary to extraordinary.



Basigheddu furnishings


Our story was born in 1920 in Nuoro when Carola Basigheddu, an enterprising woman, started the business of Basigheddu. Today, the company's is still in Nuoro and it is considered one of the best furnishing shop of the city. The story of the store is strongly linked to the Basigheddu family. For this reason the shop is called Basigheddu, which in Italian language means "little kiss".



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Since 1920 we have been delivering elegance

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The Basigheddu showrooms are suppliers of the major furniture brands.

Among the catalogs you can find the proposals of big brands such as MERIDIANI, ERNESTOMEDA, GERVASONI, RODA, UNOPIU, DEDON, CACCARO, GRANGE, ELMAR, POLARISLIFE, CALLESELLA. Come with us to discover the excellence of furnishing and to realize your greatest wishes.

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Our showrooms

Follow our proposals and discover our work, be inspired by those that you have chosen before to rely on us to decorate your house, shop, or commercial place. A rich gallery makes you understand the real meaning of our mission and our goals.

Our philosophy

Every customer is a story to himself. We treat the same enthusiasm and passion as every customer, whether it be a large hotel or a private one. For this reason, each of our projects is unique. Our work is born to astonish.


Our Mission

We want our clients to find solutions to their needs and answers to their problems before these can occur. We want our projects to be exactly what the customer has always dreamed of for his home, his hotel or his villa.


The choice of partners

We rely on partners of extreme trust, whose experience and professionalism guarantees the results we work for. We choose the best providers for our customers, because success is a teamwork and we must always be up to the situation.


Historical Professionalism

Being awarded the prize as a Historical Shop of Sardinia is for us a great honor and pride. It means recognizing many years of work devoted exclusively to excellence, always paying homage to our beloved Terra di Sardegna.


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17 Jun
Basigheddu Arredamenti

Basigheddu was born in 1920 as a small shop in the heart of Nuoro. This were the years of the greatest cultural splendor of the city and the stylistic imprint of the furniture proposals was inspired of this cultural fervor.

Over the years, Basigheddu has evolved according to fashions and

17 Jun
Basigheddu Arredamenti

The big challenges are our daily bread. We have always worked with important companies, we have been working in the decoration of large and small charming hotels and we met important people of the high society.

Our goal has always been to furnishing their projects with style and taste, meeting

16 Jun
Basigheddu Arredamenti

Basigheddu has been providing advice for designing and studying the best furniture solutions for almost a century, providing everything needed to make every space an extraordinary place. The world of interior design is constantly evolving.

Basigheddu is a guarantee for those who want to

15 Jun
Basigheddu Arredamenti

In the prestigious areas of the Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, Basigheddu has been honored to set up a new showroom of the Meridiani brand, a symbol of elegance and exclusivity in home decor.

Essential lines and warm colors are at the base of the new design by Basigheddu designers. Basigheddu is

Custom-made furnishings by Basigheddu

Care and study for details, the art of house design.

Charming interiors and exteriors




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